Friday, August 16, 2019

Christina Herrera Editing


Why choose me as your editor?
I hold a bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing with a minor in Business. I am the founder of Romantica Publishing. We are a small press that focuses on closed-door romance. I have experience working as an acquisitions editor for J & J Ranch Productions, a publisher that doubles as a movie producer. I was also an editorial intern at Literary Crush Publishing and Entangled Publishing. I have edited six manuscripts for Literary Crush Publishing. I have had the opportunity to look at several query letters during my time working with all four publishers. I passed a grammar test for Entangled, a publisher that gets books into bookstores across America. I was hired on as one of their freelance proofreaders. Lastly, I have written six novels, well over 100 poems, and have been a beta reader for the past ten years for multiple authors.
What do I love to read?
I am a big fan of Sweet Romance. I started out mostly reading and writing Young Adult Contemporary Romance or Adult Sweet Contemporary Romance. But yet, at the same time, I love to read books with a touch of magic, mystery, or adventure. I prefer to take on cleaner novels (roughly PG13 or below). I'm not a good fit for erotica or anything with excessive language.
$0.006/word for proofreading, $0.007/word for line, $0.008/word for content. $0.004/word for beta reading. 
Do you have a query letter or synopsis that needs editing? Send it my way! I would love to help you with it. I have written several query letters in my time and have also viewed tons of them as an intern. I charge $17 for a one page query letter and $40 for a 1-2 page synopsis.
Here's how it works. The first half of my fee is due up front via PayPal. When the first half of the payment has gone through, you'll send me your project, and I'll get started.
Content Edit $0.008 per word 
This is where I will go through your manuscript and point out plot holes and other structure issues. Then you can make whatever changes you feel comfortable making and send it back to me so I can start making suggestions for the next round.
Line Edit $0.007 per word 
This is the part of the process where I will polish your book at the sentence or paragraph level. I plan on using Track Changes in Microsoft Word and editing directly into your manuscript. You will have the option to accept or reject each comment I plan to make. After this round is over, I will send my suggested changes to you. Once you make the changes on your end then you can send the document back to me and I will begin the next round of edits.
Proofread $0.006 per word 
This is the final round of edits. I will glean through your manuscript and search for any spelling errors, punctuation, and grammatical inconsistencies. When I send the manuscript back to you, I'll send you a request for the final half.
Note: Sometimes after the Content Edit, you may send the story back with a significant word increase. If that's the case, then I'll recalculate a new price based on the new word count. If your words are reduced, the price will remain the same.
Beta Reading: $0.004 per word 
Do you need a lighter edit? Consider hiring me for a beta read! I can do an edit for grammar and punctuation as well as a content edit. This type of edit should not be as intense as one of the other rounds of edits mentioned above. 
If you're interested in working with me, email me to check my availability at

“I had the pleasure of receiving editing services with Christina on a prior project that landed me a book deal. I couldn’t be happier. She had a great attention to details and got back with me quicker than expected!” -Jackie Anders, Author of the Phoenix & Arion Trilogie 

“Christina has a great eye for edits. As our intern she worked on content/developmental edits for multiple manuscripts, helping to strengthen the plots of each. I look forward to working with her on future manuscripts.” -Brookie Cowles, CEO of Literary Crush Publishing

“Christina has a great vision for romance stories. Her enthusiasm as an editor and writer gets me re-excited about my own work when I’ve started to grow tired of it! A very valuable skill as an editor.” -Cameryn Frost, YA Fantasy and Sci-fi Writer